Draft Version of Tips  - Will be revised and updated more later, this is just a start!!!

In this site you will find the base competencies for the Kansas Ag Ed Horticulture Course and resources from fellow Kansas Ag Educators to help teach those outcomes.  This course covers the base 75-80% that could be covered in any beginning horticulture class:  "green industry" careers, plant science basics, plant propagation, greenhouse practices, nursery and floriculture industry, vegetable gardening, etc.  The remaining 20-25% would still be determined to fit local needs: plant sales, bonsai, small landscaping projects, poinsettias, etc, etc.

This course would typically be a sophomore/junior level course that would be a start into the horticulture coursework in an Ag Ed program.

The theory into this site is that any Ag Ed program in Kansas can use this profile and course outlines if they so choose.  The issue has always been teaching resources available... We have offered 2 different course outlines:  one is referenced to the Delmar "Introductory Horticulture" Text and the other references the Interstate, "Introduction to Horticulture".  Our suggestion is that if a teacher can get either of these base curriculum's then this course and profile can directly match up.  The plan is there, now as a classroom teacher all you have to do is implement it into your daily teaching.  Hopefully, gone are the days of having to create everything yourself or having to start from scratch.

Also, you will find a topic heading on the site for every unit on the profile and outline.  You will find powerpoints, worksheets, tests, labs, etc shared from your fellow Kansas Ag Teachers as well as good web links recommended to use to enhance that unit.  TO HELP MAKE THIS SITE THE ABSOLUTE BEST IT CAN BE.... we need your help.  Please share your resources by submitting them into the discussion forum at the top of the page...  PLEASE POST Other Resources TO SHARE WITH fellow Kansas Teachers. If everyone shares what they have this can be a tremendous teaching resource to improve instruction for Horticulture in Kansas Ag Ed.   

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